EC Tower

The split system for reliable and efficient cooling equipment and server rooms

If you need precise, reliable and cost effective air conditioning for small equipment and server rooms, the EC Tower is an energy efficient and long-lasting series that fits the bill. These units cool more efficiently, more reliably and more sustainably than conventional comfort air conditioning systems. They occupy little floor space, and their compact size means they can be integrated in existing server rooms without problem

EC Tower at a glance

  • Specially designed for heat loads in equipment and server rooms

  • Precise regulation of room temperature and air humidity

  • Cooling capacity from 5 to 52 kW

  • Available in 2 different sizes

  • Available as Downflow and Upflow version



  • Fast availability and delivery

  • Easy integration and installation

  • Maximum cooling capacity with a minimal footprint

  • High operational reliability in continuous operation 24/7, 365 days a year

  • EC fans for maximum energy efficiency

Extra sensible cooling capacity

Sensible cooling capacity lowers the temperature, while latent capacity dehumidifies the air. Comfort air conditioning units use up to 40 % of their cooling capacity to dehumidify the air, while the EC Tower generates between 90 and 100 % of sensible cooling capacity.


1Latent cooling = cooling energy for dehumidification

2Sensible cooling = cooling energy purely for lowering the temperature

Optimum air distribution

The EC Tower incorporates a modern, energysaving EC fan, which achieves more than double the airflow rate of a comfort air conditioning unit and therefore prevents the formation of hot spots. The latest generation of fans reduce the noise level by 2 to 3 db(A), ensuring even lower operating costs. Upflow and downflow versions are available, suitable for use with raised floors and intermediate ceilings, ensuring optimum air distribution for every type of use.

Controlled Room Humidity

Comfort air conditioning units can “only” cool, heat and provide unregulated dehumidification, the EC Tower contains an air humidifier as standard. The resulting demand-based, control and precise humidification and dehumidification (tolerance +/- 5 % RH) keeps equipment and server rooms at the optimum climate. Preventing the buildup of static, and ensuring the cooling process maintains its constant high efficiency.

Maximum operational reliability

With a room climate that is stable throughout the year (temperature and humidity), your technical             equipment always has precisely the right climate and the risk of failure is kept to a minimum. For the       probability of failure is already 30 % higher at temperatures of 27 °C and above. This increases to as       much as 50 % at 35 °C.


Better energy efficiency thanks to EC technology


  • High motor efficiency of up to 92 %, reaping obvious savings in running costs

  • Quiet running, long life, maintenance-free

  • Adjustment to the given conditions with pinpoint precision


  • Split system for discharging high heat loads

  • Optimized for equipment rooms: one system for cooling, humidifying and dehumidifying

  • Dynamic output adjustment with inverter-controlled outdoor units from our premium partner

  • The outdoor unit and air conditioning cabinet can be up to 100 m apart (dependent on type)

  • The outdoor unit and air conditioning cabinet can have a height difference of up to 30m (dependent on type)

  • Special equipment room control system integrated

  • Cascading and sequencing possible as standard

  • Energy-saving, high-precision EC fan included as standard

  • Standard unit includes numerous accessories, e.g. switch gear cabinet socket, status and error messages, emergency fire contact, electric heater, steam humidifier, repair switch and G4 air filter

  • Fast delivery times, simple and flexible installation, ready for operation immediately

  • Extensive range of options available


Technical Data

EC Tower



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